Welcome to Monarch Websites!

These sites are perfect for a comic, actor, blogger or podcaster.

Check out all of these features…
(All features are optional)

We can customize your site and add most features…  Here is a list of the standard features that come with the websites we offer.  Contact us if your needs are more complicated.  We will give you a quote.

  • Design/fonts/colors/graphics of your choice
  • A photo gallery (You can add/delete photos yourself)
  • A videos page (It links right to your YouTube account!)
  • A calendar (You can add/edit/delete dates yourself )
  • Upcoming dates on the sidebar
  • Bio/Resume page
  • A blog page (This can be your main page or a tab)
  • A subscribe widget (Keep in contact with your readers/fans)
  • Latest tweets widget
  • Social networking links
  • Merchandise page (You only need a Paypal account to collect)
  • A contact page